The Last of us

About Molly Soda

Amalia Soto, commonly known online as Molly Soda, is a personality who experiments with various approaches to grasp millennials’ feelings, anxieties, and how they are coping with the digital age in the modern period.

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The Last of us

Molly Soda Streaming Performance

Molly Soda is well-known for her work in the digital arts and frequently uses the internet and social media platforms as venues for her creations.

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She Works Across A Variety Of Digital Platforms

She is active across various digital channels, lending her voice to those who want to
reflect on how their identity and social perceptions are impacted.

Producing Videos & GIFs

Molly Soda is well recognized for her video and GIF-based art, which she develops and posts on various internet platforms. “Me and My Gurls,” “Thanks for the Add!” and “U R Baby” are a few of the most well-known.

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Web Based Performance Art

You can witness her performance art pieces throughout her career. She frequently used social media platforms as a medium for her work, where she organized a book club, snapped a selfie every day, and also staged a fictitious wedding.

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“Although her artworks may appear to be quite direct, they all depict some aspect of reality that is closely related to the real world and helps her audience better understand society.”

Anthony J. Ray

“I’ve always found inspiration in Molly Soda and her works dealing with the dynamic digital world of the modern era.”

Jane M. Hedrick

“Because of the authenticity and realness of Molly Soda’s work, I have always been able to relate to her on a deeper level.”

Kimberly B. Rathburn

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